Deckover Power Tilt Trailer

Load your trailer deck with the touch of a button

When you are hauling a large load, you need a reliable trailer that makes loading and unloading easy, as well as providing the support and security you expect out of your trailer. A tilt trailer from REX Trailers can offer all this and more. And with our Deckover Power Tilt trailer, you can use the incredible ease and power of a hydraulic powered deck lift system, so all you need to do is push a button and let the trailer system work for you. Hauling a heavy load or vehicle is a critical service that you need to be able to do, and do safely and effectively. And regardless of your needs, REX Trailers has the trailer that can do it. Keep reading to see how our Deckover Power Tilt trailer can provide what you need.


Deck Over Wheels

One of the most important design aspects of our Deckover Power Tilt Trailer is the placement of the deck. In contrast to our Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer, which has the main deck support between the fenders, the Deckover Power Tilt Trailer has the deck up over the wheels. This means the deck has the maximum width allowable, providing the most secure and supportive amount of space possible. Your tilt trailer will safely be able to haul and load even the biggest of vehicles and loads within permitted weight limits.


Hydraulic Power

The large heavy ramps that come on a tilt trailer can range from effective and heavy to cumbersome and heavy, to down-right frustrating, and heavy. Regardless of the trailer type though, they are heavy ramps and can be quite a pain to manage at times. With our Deckover Power Tilt trailer however, the trailer ramp uses an incredibly powerful hydraulic arm to lift up the ramp. With one push of a button, the power tilt deck angles the whole deck towards the ground, allowing for simple and efficient loading. No more heavy ramps to deal with, and no more frustration; just a simple button press, and your load or vehicle will be safely on the deck in no time.


REX Quality

The Deckover Power Tilt Trailer offers an incredible quality and service for your hauling needs. Part of that is the incredible power and design of the power tilt trailer, but another important factor is the quality that goes into each REX Trailer. We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality trailers from the most reputable vendors like Texas Pride Trailers, and that includes our tilt trailers. Engineered with sturdiness and safety in mind, the rigid frame structure and axles can withstand and support higher load capacities and all with incredible efficiency. Our tilt trailers like the Deckover Power Tilt trailer, offer the quality that you expect every time you need to haul something heavy.

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