Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer

Ease and efficiency, with a Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer

Even though gravity rules our everyday lives, you might not consider it very useful. After all, the main reason you have a trailer and the need to haul heavy loads on it is because gravity is pulling all that weight down to the Earth. But what if you could also use that gravitational force to help you haul your heavy loads as well, with more efficiency and effectiveness? That’s where the Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer comes in. This tilt trailer is incredibly effective at hauling whatever large vehicle you might need to move, and uses the forces of gravity to do it. Keep reading to see how the Lowboy Gravity Tilt trailer from REX Trailers can provide you with what you need.


Deck Between Fenders

The biggest design features for the Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer is the placement of the deck. The deck is designed to pivot in order to angle the deck platform for easy and effective loading of a vehicle or heavy load. To allow for the most effective deck loading (and also to utilize the power of gravity), the deck pivot is placed between the two fenders of the trailer, in between the wheels. This allows for a much lower center of gravity, which makes the deck pivot feature highly effective at supporting an easy loading process.


Gravitational Pivot Power

When you are hauling a large load or vehicle, getting it up on the trailer deck is half of the battle. You need to get this massive weight up a couple feet on top of the trailer, and many trailer systems use hydraulic power of some sort to get it there. But with a gravity tilt trailer, you can use the heavy weight of your load and the power of gravity instead. The Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer deck pivots down to allow you to load your trailer directly from the ground. As the load moves up the trailer deck, the deck uses the power of gravity and the weight of the load to come back down and realign with the deck, making loading your trailer an absolute breeze.


REX Quality

In addition to the incredible and easy-to-use features of the Lowboy Gravity Tilt Trailer, you are also getting that quality that comes with each REX Trailer. Our goal at REX Trailers is to offer our customers the highest quality trailers, and that includes our tilt trailers. Made with incredibly sturdy and rigid frame structures and axles, engineered to withstand and support higher load capacities, our tilt trailers offer the quality that you expect every time you need to haul something heavy

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