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Whether you’re hauling a friends car or something bigger and bolder, our Tilt Trailers from REX Trailers have you covered. Our tilt equipment trailers are designed to make your life easier, and make hauling more reliable and efficient.

We offer two types of tilt trailers at REX Trailers: the Lowboy Gravity Tilt and the Deckover Power Tilt. These trailers range from 16 feet to 53 feet long and can handle weights of 7,000 up to 30,000 pounds. That’s up to 15 tons of reliable tilt trailer hauling power, designed to transport your cargo safely and effectively.


Depending on what you want to haul and it’s weight and maneuverability, the hydraulic powered Deckover Power Tilt trailer might provide the ease and power you need, while the Lowboy Gravity Tilt trailer might offer more efficiency and simplicity. Regardless of which option you choose, our trailers have the quality you want. Our trailers are crafted with rigid frame structures and axles that are specifically designed for high-load capacities, as well as heavy-ply tires rated for maximum efficiency and a long life. Our tilt trailer selection, like all of our trailers, are built with industrial quality and your needs in mind. If you aren’t sure, or would like more information, our customer service representatives are incredibly friendly, and provide all the help and advice you need to ensure you find the right tilt trailer for the job.

Whatever your Tilt Trailer needs are, REX Trailer has you covered. Our family owned and operated company proudly distributes trailers from the industry’s best in Texas Pride Trailers, and with over 20 years of experience building and selling high-quality trailers, you know you are

Chambersburg Pickup Pricing

Lowboy gravity tilt 80" wide x 17' tilt + 4' stationary deck 14,000 GVWR Bumper $6,595 Gooseneck $6,995
8k axle & 14 ply tire upgrade 16,000 GVWR $495
9k axle & 16 ply tire upgrade 18,000 GVWR $1,695
9k axle & 18 ply tire upgrade 20,000 GVWR $1,995
102" wide including drive-over fenders $35 per foot
Add extra length to stationary deck $95 per foot
Hydraulic powered deck $895
Hydraulic single jack for bumper pull $795
Dual hydraulic jacks for gooseneck $1,695

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